Three Blog Business Models

Today while thinking about writing my business plan, the question of what is the business model going to be, was posed? I fired up the computer and did a little research, I then decided to post what it was I found out about online blog models. The great thing about the blog system is that it is extremely flexible. It can be worked around whatever situation you are currently in now. Three models were identified as I searched for an answer:

  1. Promote Your Online Business
  2. The Blog As A Stand Alone Income-Generator
  3. Promote Your Offline Business Or Service

You can choose one of the three blog models to operate your ideas, lets look at each model in turn:

Promote Your Online Business
With this model blogs really do come into their own. You can use a blog to promote your online business, and works especially well for information products. This is the main model that excites the expert marketers online so very much. The key thing to remember with this model is you don’t need an existing business.

The Blog As A Stand Alone Income-Generator
You will not get rich with this model, but it can most certainly make you a great part time income, if you build up a small blog network. You don’t have to create a product of your own, and you never have to ship out any products to your customers either. It doesn’t get much better than this and it’s great fun!

Promote Your Offline Business Or Service
You can use your blog to display special offers and promotions for your offline business at near zero cost. You can build a community spirit and feeling about your business by creating a blog that charts the goings on “behind the scenes” of your business and makes your customers feel as though they are getting a “peek on the inside” as it were.

Blogs have quite simply open the door to everyone wanting to start their own online business without any marketing costs or experience.


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