My One Month Mentor Coaching With John Thornhill

Over the years I have purchased many offline and online business blue prints with the intention of starting those businesses. However, in most cases I either stop studying the blueprint due to various reasons or did not try to start the business, again because of various reasons.In almost allĀ  those cases I found support from the authors of those business ideas almost impossible to achieve.

Bear with me, I will get to my new mentoring business coach in a short while. Over the last four years, I have purchased and read countless online and some offline business blueprints without starting any of them. Does any of this sound familiar to any others or am I the only one here? Now I am also used to running my own business, qualifying me to know a little about what might or might not be possible.

Yes I know what has been said about having the right qualities, determination, fortitude and all that. I just never felt like I could make any of them work for me, again due to various reasons – Gee! I just love saying that.

A few days ago I purchased John Thornhill One Month Mentor personal coaching program. John promises that if I did all the work and is able to follow his step by step coaching material he guarantees that I will have an online business in a month. The results so far is nothing short of amazement in only a few short days. This blog is part of the results so far. I have been fully focused and my attention is like never before. Watch this space as I will be posting future updates, in the mean time check out One Month Mentor here.

How Do You Think My New Blog Is Looking?

I have built web pages before using HTML and CSS technology and as anyone knows who have built web pages in this way, it is very time consuming and prone to making typo errors. Anyway, I have been using WordPress installed at my hosted domain and I am very happy with the results. To use WordPress you don’t have to be experience using any Internet technology or programming language.

WordPress is suited most ideally for creating Blogs, due to being built from the ground up on a framework of Internet technologies suitable for Internet Marketing projects. It don’t just stop at Blog building though, It is so cool WordPress can be used to build fully fledged websites in general just as well. I rate this product as the best blog tool I have ever used, check it out if you haven’t already.

I am simply amazed how little time it’s taken me to get the blog framework done. Oh! I almost forgot to mention WordPress is an Open-source product, this means that anyone can download and install it for free without any charge.

Anyone wishing to create a blog or any website should consider using WordPress as their first choice, why because of simplicity, ease of use, rich with features and an excellent online help system.

Very First Post To My Blog

Hello everyone, I have some great topics all relating to Internet Marketing to be researched then post to this blog. Traditional Marketing media’s has been loosing ground to Internet Marketing since the birth of the Internet. This trend will continue to grow hugely year after year and far into the future. It stands to reason then that the masses of people everywhere will be embracing the Internet.

I am very passionate along with countless others about learning all about what is possible to be done on the Internet, in this information age. Entrepreneur’s, businesses of all kinds and sizes will be looking to the Internet Marketing Guru’s and Specialists for help in achieving Internet Marketing success.

Internet Marketing technologies, online business ideas, systems, implementations, Internet Marketer’s products and many other developments in the Internet will be posted to this blog. In other words all things Internet Marketing relevant.

My ultimate goal for my blog is to post quality content that will be ethical, educational and of great value to my readers, so that they may be better informed in making their Internet Marketing decisions. At the same time I will increase my Internet Marketing knowledge through learning, helping and teaching others.

If there is an Internet Marketing subject that you would like me to look at, then I welcome your suggestions. Also I welcome any constructive comments that you think would improve this blog site.