My Production Creation Update

Its been a few days since making a post, so this one is well overdue. This is an update to my last post when I reported that I was about to begin creating a product. This product could either be for sale or given away free, at this present time I have not yet made that decision.

I am finding the whole process of choosing what subject to research in the general niche of Internet Marketing and then write about that sub-niche very hard going indeed. I have been given guidance by my coach on the product creation cycle, but I still have not chosen a niche market to write about as yet.

Why am I struggling with this decision? I simply do not yet understand myself, of course I cannot even begin to conduct the process of research on a niche market because I have not yet chosen one, due to my indecision.

My interest in online business and Internet Marketing is very strong and that’s why I have chosen to blog about it. However, the sub-categories of Internet Marketing is huge and this fact alone do not make my choice easy. The next update of my progress on creating my digital product, I hope will be more upbeat, positive and progressive. Until next time…..

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