My One Month Mentor Coaching With John Thornhill

Over the years I have purchased many offline and online business blue prints with the intention of starting those businesses. However, in most cases I either stop studying the blueprint due to various reasons or did not try to start the business, again because of various reasons.In almost allĀ  those cases I found support from the authors of those business ideas almost impossible to achieve.

Bear with me, I will get to my new mentoring business coach in a short while. Over the last four years, I have purchased and read countless online and some offline business blueprints without starting any of them. Does any of this sound familiar to any others or am I the only one here? Now I am also used to running my own business, qualifying me to know a little about what might or might not be possible.

Yes I know what has been said about having the right qualities, determination, fortitude and all that. I just never felt like I could make any of them work for me, again due to various reasons – Gee! I just love saying that.

A few days ago I purchased John Thornhill One Month Mentor personal coaching program. John promises that if I did all the work and is able to follow his step by step coaching material he guarantees that I will have an online business in a month. The results so far is nothing short of amazement in only a few short days. This blog is part of the results so far. I have been fully focused and my attention is like never before. Watch this space as I will be posting future updates, in the mean time check out One Month Mentor here.

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