Massive Respect To All Honest & Ethical Internet Marketer’s

Over the years I have personally encountered a few online sellers who have sold me products that did not match their description of sale. And when an exchange or refund is requested, it’s usually a worrying time due to the problems introduced by these unreasonable and unfair individuals. The kind of problems caused are usually those of delaying tactics in the form of failure to return email communications and dishonoring agreements. I could go on and on with other examples that causes frustration and stress to the purchaser, but I think you have got the picture.

Today I have noticed a trend emerging, where many Internet marketers are advertising to their audiences that they are honest and can be trusted. Indeed we know one of those most trusted of Internet Marketer Jim Cockrum, check him out here. This is great and must be increased and encouraged, to make the Industry we all love continue to grow in stature and respect.

As a matter of fact my current mentor John Thornhill is one of those respected and trusted of Internet Marketers. John states his ethical principles in his personal mentor coaching programs, and demands the same of his students. There are many more Internet Marketers who make known how they operate such as Lee McIntyre and in each care they are proud of it, as can be seen and heard in their video and webinar products including their blogs.

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