What Is The Best Way To Start An Online Business?

My last two post have been video recordings of Internet Marketing experts, with Omar Martin giving his experience of John Thornhill coaching and IM Report.com featuring Jim Cockrum and his book silent sales machine. In this post I want to shift away a little and try to explain how these two marketers approach may be a little different from my personal experience and point of view.

It is perhaps obvious to most people who desire to have an online business, that there are many ways to get started doing business online. Usually the first thing most people think of doing is having their own website, promoting some product or service. This may be products of their own or other peoples products or services. Promoting and selling other people’s products and services for a commission is known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is probably the most popular of online business activities for valid reasons. However, there are many others including step by step courses and one on one coaching etc.

The route I personally take in having an online present is this blog where I wish to blog about Internet Marketing related subjects and how anyone can generate an income by using tested existing and new Internet Marketing strategies and ideas. The idea is to conduct research and network with others to develop learning and experience through the internet evolution process. Over time I expect my blog to develop and improve, so my readers¬† will benefit from it’s rich and relevant contents.

I am currently being mentored by John Thornhill coaching and I am very happy with the progress I am making and look forward to the other areas which is to be covered. Some of the topics include building and maintaining a blog,  choosing niche markets, building a list and email management, digital product creation and much much more all in a productive step by step fashion, great.

I have just outlined a brief overview of the approach John Thornhill takes in his One Month Mentor coaching program, which aims to give the student their own business after a month, having their own blog, mailing list and product etc all built by the student with John’s coaching. His other coaching products such as is Masterclass coaching and Partnership For Success programs are by far much more advanced and beneficial to the students, taking them to much higher levels of Internet Marketing proficiency and business success, as can be seen from the video by Omar Martin on this blog.

Now contrast the above with the approach of Jim Cochrum. Jim do not recommend starting an online business in this way, instead Jim Cochrum recommends that anyone wishing to start an online business should first start to build an audience by such means as selling on eBay etc while building a mailing list. Read here one of Jim Cochrum’s post on part of this subject, http://www.jimcockrum.com/blog/2012/01/30/the-7-hardest-lessons-youll-learn-before-succeeding-with-an-online-business/.

Now Jim has stated many excellent points on this topic which most readers will agree, but surely even now there are many who are starting online with a website without an audience, but is conscious of the need to build an audience for commercial success. Yes, if your aim is to achieve commercial success and you are not building lists but trying to succeed in other ways commercially, then yes chances of failure becomes higher.

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