Great & Exciting Internet Marketing Developments And Blog Update

Blog Update
Apologies for all the inconvenience visitors to my blog have been experiencing over the last few days since going live. I have been having a few technical teething problems with some of my ideas and their implementation.

But I am confident they will be sorted soon. I also appreciate your patience and your understanding and promise to make up for it with some cool free products in due course.

I would also like to hear your honest feedback comments on what you think of my blog so far, it does not matter what it might be. What I am interested in knowing is what visitors thoughts might be while cruising by, even what might appear to be the obvious. All comments will be treated as helpful in order to help fine tune this blog.

Internet Marketing Trends
I read somewhere today that Internet Marketers have started to feel the impact on them due to new Internet Market trends and ideas. Causing them to start shifting their focus on these new Internet Marketing trends and ideas.

The new buzz terms “local online, local search, local commerce” etc, appears to be playing a key role in the development of these new ideas and trends. But what really are these new trends? Right now I am looking into them and hope to post here an update in the near future.

In-Facebook Marketing is another development I am looking at. This is a kind of in-Facebook affiliate scheme, eliminating the need to leave the social networking site for an affiliate to make money. This type of affiliate marketing has the potential to become huge going forward, and may be the opportunity Internet Marketers have been waiting for. Maybe as an affiliate or by setting up these in-Facebook deals for others.

As mentioned above I hope to look deeper and further into these new developments and report my findings on my blog, until then…

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