Creating Your Own Product How Easy Is It?

Those who have read my previous posts would by now have worked out that I am a student of John Thornhill, an expert Internet Marketer. I am currently subscribed to two of John’s personal coaching courses, his 16 weeks personal coaching program and his One Month Mentor which is more intensive than the former.

This blog is the result so far of my now two weeks being coached. There is a great deal of work being done when I am not writing for my blog, in fact I find little time to write blog posts, because of other important assignments and research and simply do not get the amount of time I would like to blog.

I enjoy all aspects of learning and tend to do well with my assignments in general, but, at the moment the idea of creating a digital product for promotion makes me quite nervous and kinda scary. I will be posting regular updates about my progress along with further details on this very important project.

At the moment this assignment ranks very high amongst the most challenging tasks I have ever attempted in the past. If I am coming over as a nervous wreck, I apologize. Maybe I am worrying about nothing and will more than likely find the whole thing a walk in the park! what do you think?

I am sure many of you have done what I am now about to do, so if you can contribute any general ideas, tips or anything else of relevance especially encouragement at the moment, I would more than appreciate your contributions. Until next time……

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