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My Production Creation Update

Its been a few days since making a post, so this one is well overdue. This is an update to my last post when I reported that I was about to begin creating a product. This product could either be for sale or given away free, at this present time I have not yet made [...]

Creating Your Own Product How Easy Is It?

Those who have read my previous posts would by now have worked out that I am a student of John Thornhill, an expert Internet Marketer. I am currently subscribed to two of John’s personal coaching courses, his 16 weeks personal coaching program and his One Month Mentor which is more intensive than the former. This [...]

What Is The Best Way To Start An Online Business?

My last two post have been video recordings of Internet Marketing experts, with Omar Martin giving his experience of John Thornhill coaching and IM featuring Jim Cockrum and his book silent sales machine. In this post I want to shift away a little and try to explain how these two marketers approach may be [...]

My One Month Mentor Coaching With John Thornhill

Over the years I have purchased many offline and online business blue prints with the intention of starting those businesses. However, in most cases I either stop studying the blueprint due to various reasons or did not try to start the business, again because of various reasons.In almost allĀ  those cases I found support from [...]