Affiliate Ad Rotator – 100% Autopilot Income

Hello everyone, its been a few days now since I have posted to my blog. I can assure you that I was meaning to do so but, just could not find the time. I am so sorry and will endeavor to make more frequent posts to my blog. Anyway, here is a great income generating idea for you to make money which I think you will love.

Affiliate Ad Rotator is the latest joint product from Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill. It is a membership based product with a special launch price of $7.95 per month. Personally I believe this is a bargain for such a powerful tool for any affiliate marketer out there, from the most experienced right down to the very beginners. It’s a beautifully simple concept that allows you to display the best selling ClickBank products as images that constantly update. These are perfect for thank you pages, blogs, download pages, in fact just about any web page that receives traffic. I’d highly recommend you check out how easy to use and powerful this software is.

The more experienced affiliate marketers will benefit from this tool as it will allow them to take out some of the stress of creating affiliate ads, or having them created for you. This is a program which can be ran on 100% autopilot and will leave you free to get on with the more challenging aspects of the affiliate marketing world.

For beginners this is also a hugely beneficial tool to boost their own affiliate marketing business, mainly because it is so simple to use that you need virtually no experience in working with ClickBank at all. Furthermore, there is no complicated HTML code to worry about or confusing programs to follow, you simply check boxes which help you decide which niche and which products you would like to promote. Then all you have to do is enter your ClickBank ID and the amount of ads you want to display on your page. The ease of use is perhaps the most appealing part of this program as it can be put into action this very instant regardless of your skill level.

I particularly like the way you can select the best selling products on ClickBank and that are constantly updated so you know you are promoting the latest, best selling products on complete autopilot.

All you need to get started is your own ClickBank ID and a webpage, not many other products out there can guarantee to have you up and running with so little tools at your disposal and for such a small price.

So what do you receive for your investment? How is this content delivered? Well, as mentioned above, this is a membership site with a recurring monthly fee. So for your money you will gain lifetime access to the membership area via your own login and password, allowing you to create your own ClickBank affiliate ads right away.

This product also offers a 60 day money back guarantee meaning that there is no risk at all for the purchaser, if you aren’t happy with your purchase, simply request a refund and receive 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

All in all this product is an extremely easy to use and powerful tool for the price you pay and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is part of the affiliate marketing niche and with the added security of a money back guarantee its a no-brainer.

If you want to find out more simply visit the link below and you can watch a video that will show you how powerful and easy to use this software is.



My Production Creation Update

Its been a few days since making a post, so this one is well overdue. This is an update to my last post when I reported that I was about to begin creating a product. This product could either be for sale or given away free, at this present time I have not yet made that decision.

I am finding the whole process of choosing what subject to research in the general niche of Internet Marketing and then write about that sub-niche very hard going indeed. I have been given guidance by my coach on the product creation cycle, but I still have not chosen a niche market to write about as yet.

Why am I struggling with this decision? I simply do not yet understand myself, of course I cannot even begin to conduct the process of research on a niche market because I have not yet chosen one, due to my indecision.

My interest in online business and Internet Marketing is very strong and that’s why I have chosen to blog about it. However, the sub-categories of Internet Marketing is huge and this fact alone do not make my choice easy. The next update of my progress on creating my digital product, I hope will be more upbeat, positive and progressive. Until next time…..

Creating Your Own Product How Easy Is It?

Those who have read my previous posts would by now have worked out that I am a student of John Thornhill, an expert Internet Marketer. I am currently subscribed to two of John’s personal coaching courses, his 16 weeks personal coaching program and his One Month Mentor which is more intensive than the former.

This blog is the result so far of my now two weeks being coached. There is a great deal of work being done when I am not writing for my blog, in fact I find little time to write blog posts, because of other important assignments and research and simply do not get the amount of time I would like to blog.

I enjoy all aspects of learning and tend to do well with my assignments in general, but, at the moment the idea of creating a digital product for promotion makes me quite nervous and kinda scary. I will be posting regular updates about my progress along with further details on this very important project.

At the moment this assignment ranks very high amongst the most challenging tasks I have ever attempted in the past. If I am coming over as a nervous wreck, I apologize. Maybe I am worrying about nothing and will more than likely find the whole thing a walk in the park! what do you think?

I am sure many of you have done what I am now about to do, so if you can contribute any general ideas, tips or anything else of relevance especially encouragement at the moment, I would more than appreciate your contributions. Until next time……

What Is The Best Way To Start An Online Business?

My last two post have been video recordings of Internet Marketing experts, with Omar Martin giving his experience of John Thornhill coaching and IM featuring Jim Cockrum and his book silent sales machine. In this post I want to shift away a little and try to explain how these two marketers approach may be a little different from my personal experience and point of view.

It is perhaps obvious to most people who desire to have an online business, that there are many ways to get started doing business online. Usually the first thing most people think of doing is having their own website, promoting some product or service. This may be products of their own or other peoples products or services. Promoting and selling other people’s products and services for a commission is known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is probably the most popular of online business activities for valid reasons. However, there are many others including step by step courses and one on one coaching etc.

The route I personally take in having an online present is this blog where I wish to blog about Internet Marketing related subjects and how anyone can generate an income by using tested existing and new Internet Marketing strategies and ideas. The idea is to conduct research and network with others to develop learning and experience through the internet evolution process. Over time I expect my blog to develop and improve, so my readers  will benefit from it’s rich and relevant contents.

I am currently being mentored by John Thornhill coaching and I am very happy with the progress I am making and look forward to the other areas which is to be covered. Some of the topics include building and maintaining a blog,  choosing niche markets, building a list and email management, digital product creation and much much more all in a productive step by step fashion, great.

I have just outlined a brief overview of the approach John Thornhill takes in his One Month Mentor coaching program, which aims to give the student their own business after a month, having their own blog, mailing list and product etc all built by the student with John’s coaching. His other coaching products such as is Masterclass coaching and Partnership For Success programs are by far much more advanced and beneficial to the students, taking them to much higher levels of Internet Marketing proficiency and business success, as can be seen from the video by Omar Martin on this blog.

Now contrast the above with the approach of Jim Cochrum. Jim do not recommend starting an online business in this way, instead Jim Cochrum recommends that anyone wishing to start an online business should first start to build an audience by such means as selling on eBay etc while building a mailing list. Read here one of Jim Cochrum’s post on part of this subject,

Now Jim has stated many excellent points on this topic which most readers will agree, but surely even now there are many who are starting online with a website without an audience, but is conscious of the need to build an audience for commercial success. Yes, if your aim is to achieve commercial success and you are not building lists but trying to succeed in other ways commercially, then yes chances of failure becomes higher.

John Thornhill Personal Coaching To Success!

Continuing with my second video in this series of Internet Marketing experts, here is a YouTube video of Omar Martin, a John Thornhill Masterclass graduate Biging-Up John’s coaching, it’s great.



Who Is The Most Trusted Internet Marketer Today?

Check out this video and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.



Great & Exciting Internet Marketing Developments And Blog Update

Blog Update
Apologies for all the inconvenience visitors to my blog have been experiencing over the last few days since going live. I have been having a few technical teething problems with some of my ideas and their implementation.

But I am confident they will be sorted soon. I also appreciate your patience and your understanding and promise to make up for it with some cool free products in due course.

I would also like to hear your honest feedback comments on what you think of my blog so far, it does not matter what it might be. What I am interested in knowing is what visitors thoughts might be while cruising by, even what might appear to be the obvious. All comments will be treated as helpful in order to help fine tune this blog.

Internet Marketing Trends
I read somewhere today that Internet Marketers have started to feel the impact on them due to new Internet Market trends and ideas. Causing them to start shifting their focus on these new Internet Marketing trends and ideas.

The new buzz terms “local online, local search, local commerce” etc, appears to be playing a key role in the development of these new ideas and trends. But what really are these new trends? Right now I am looking into them and hope to post here an update in the near future.

In-Facebook Marketing is another development I am looking at. This is a kind of in-Facebook affiliate scheme, eliminating the need to leave the social networking site for an affiliate to make money. This type of affiliate marketing has the potential to become huge going forward, and may be the opportunity Internet Marketers have been waiting for. Maybe as an affiliate or by setting up these in-Facebook deals for others.

As mentioned above I hope to look deeper and further into these new developments and report my findings on my blog, until then…

Three Blog Business Models

Today while thinking about writing my business plan, the question of what is the business model going to be, was posed? I fired up the computer and did a little research, I then decided to post what it was I found out about online blog models. The great thing about the blog system is that it is extremely flexible. It can be worked around whatever situation you are currently in now. Three models were identified as I searched for an answer:

  1. Promote Your Online Business
  2. The Blog As A Stand Alone Income-Generator
  3. Promote Your Offline Business Or Service

You can choose one of the three blog models to operate your ideas, lets look at each model in turn:

Promote Your Online Business
With this model blogs really do come into their own. You can use a blog to promote your online business, and works especially well for information products. This is the main model that excites the expert marketers online so very much. The key thing to remember with this model is you don’t need an existing business.

The Blog As A Stand Alone Income-Generator
You will not get rich with this model, but it can most certainly make you a great part time income, if you build up a small blog network. You don’t have to create a product of your own, and you never have to ship out any products to your customers either. It doesn’t get much better than this and it’s great fun!

Promote Your Offline Business Or Service
You can use your blog to display special offers and promotions for your offline business at near zero cost. You can build a community spirit and feeling about your business by creating a blog that charts the goings on “behind the scenes” of your business and makes your customers feel as though they are getting a “peek on the inside” as it were.

Blogs have quite simply open the door to everyone wanting to start their own online business without any marketing costs or experience.


Massive Respect To All Honest & Ethical Internet Marketer’s

Over the years I have personally encountered a few online sellers who have sold me products that did not match their description of sale. And when an exchange or refund is requested, it’s usually a worrying time due to the problems introduced by these unreasonable and unfair individuals. The kind of problems caused are usually those of delaying tactics in the form of failure to return email communications and dishonoring agreements. I could go on and on with other examples that causes frustration and stress to the purchaser, but I think you have got the picture.

Today I have noticed a trend emerging, where many Internet marketers are advertising to their audiences that they are honest and can be trusted. Indeed we know one of those most trusted of Internet Marketer Jim Cockrum, check him out here. This is great and must be increased and encouraged, to make the Industry we all love continue to grow in stature and respect.

As a matter of fact my current mentor John Thornhill is one of those respected and trusted of Internet Marketers. John states his ethical principles in his personal mentor coaching programs, and demands the same of his students. There are many more Internet Marketers who make known how they operate such as Lee McIntyre and in each care they are proud of it, as can be seen and heard in their video and webinar products including their blogs.

An Amazing Product Given Away For $5

Last week while reading through one of my regular newsletters, I was recommended a product that has netted its creator a cool $200,000 per month. This product was being sold for just $5, this caused me to raise my eye brows and wonder. Naturally, I was rather skeptical about that first statement, thinking if that was so, then why was such a superb product being sold or given away for virtually nothing?

Now, when you are recommended a product from an Internet Marketer who has become renown as the most trusted marketer on the Internet, one should pay close attention. By now you may have guessed what product I am talking about and who recommended it from that clue I just gave.

Internet Automation Plan is the product Lee McIntyre has become respected and famous for in the Internet Marketing world. In a very short span of time Lee has gone from school teacher to high income guru.

How did Lee achieve such spectacular results? Well, after purchasing IAP myself, access was given to enter a special online site for purchasers of the product. It was here I spent many hours watching, listening and taking notes. I can say that Lee has done a fantastic job with his team to produce a comprehensive and well executed video course, explaining in step by step fashion how to do what he has done.

I must explain that what Lee has done can be followed, but only with lots of work and over time. This is not your get rich quick course but one that is achievable with hard work and determination to succeed, and most of all putting the ideas into action. Read what others are saying about Lee McIntyre “Internet Automation Plan” here.